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My Review- 21 Jump Street

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The new “slim-downed” Jonah Hill and gorgeous Channing Tatum join forces to go undercover in this 21st century update to the 1980’s hit series, “21 Jump Street”. It takes place in “Metropolitan City” and starts out 7 years ago with … Continue reading

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My Review- Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

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As weird as the name sounds, with Ewan McGregor’s acting, and a good, improbable but plausible storyline, this movie actually exceeded my expectations. It has a love story, Brit politics, environmental issues, terrorism, comedy, international intrigue, and you get to … Continue reading

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My Review- Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! At the free screening of GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE tonight at the Regal E-Walk 13 on 42nd Street, NICOLAS CAGE showed up with television cameras from EXTRA and welcomed us to the preview showing!!! There were … Continue reading

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Valentines Day

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Today is Valentine’s Day, 2012, and once again, I find myself alone with no significant other in my life. Since I have always been such a romantic person, facing it alone is very depressing for me. When I lived at … Continue reading

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My Review- Chronicle

Chronicle is filmed in the style of “Cloverfield” or “Paranormal Activity” from the perspective of the characters in the film. I’m not generally crazy about this style of film-making in general, but for this movie, it works. 3 boys are … Continue reading

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My Review- Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

The movie was ok. I didn’t think Dwayne Johnson did as good as Brendan Fraser did in the first one. He still seemed like he was in “Tooth Fairy” mode. Trying to cover the themes from 4 or 5 different … Continue reading

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My Review- The Indie Film “LOOSIES”

Peter Facinelli wrote, produced and stars in this whimsical story about a reluctant pick-pocket, trying to honorably pay off his deceased father’s huge gambling debt and save the life of his mother, who gets caught up in an intricate web … Continue reading

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Lights Out…

I’ve always been pretty much able to contain and control my anger. Even though I was constantly teased and taunted all through school (what would be considered “bullying” by today’s standards), I had developed a very thick skin and most … Continue reading

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Movie Review- The Woman In Black

Very well done story, excellently acted. Daniel Radcliffe is NOT going to be pigeonholed and stereotyped with performances like this one! He gets down and dirty in this! It makes you jump in your seat more than once! From the … Continue reading

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