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3 Boys get amazing abilities!

Chronicle is filmed in the style of “Cloverfield” or “Paranormal Activity” from the perspective of the characters in the film. I’m not generally crazy about this style of film-making in general, but for this movie, it works. 3 boys are exposed to some mysterious object, which never is explained, and start to slowly develop enhanced abilities hinging on their usage of telekinesis. Steve and Matt are typical high school boys, but Andrew is a loner who is going through abuse at home, and is generally an outcast at school.

His mom, played by Susan Sarandon, is dying and his unemployed father has trouble coping with reality. As Andrew’s abilities continue to grow stronger, so does his desire to use them to get even with the world which has wronged him for so long. Tempers begin to explode and so does everything else, except for the camera, which just keeps on recording, no matter what. Excellent special effects add enough to the roughness of the documentary style of filming to make this an entertaining, worthwhile movie, as long as you don’t come with your expectations too high. It’s not going to win any academy awards, but it’s worth going to see.

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