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The new “slim-downed” Jonah Hill and gorgeous Channing Tatum join forces to go undercover in this 21st century update to the 1980’s hit series, “21 Jump Street”. It takes place in “Metropolitan City” and starts out 7 years ago with the main characters in high school. Jonah Hill’s character is known as “not so slim shady” and is a geek struggling to get through while Channing Tatum’s character is the ultra cool, popular, albeit dumb jock. Flash forward 7 years, and both are enrolling in police academy and recognize each other from their high school days. Tatum’s “Jenko” realizes that Hill’s “Schmidt” is smart and can help him get through the book training, while Schmidt is lacking in the physical skills that Jenko can help him with, so they become allies and friends to make it through their training, only to find themselves riding bikes on park duty instead of chasing bad guys playing cops and robbers.

Due to their youthful appearance, they are selected to be assigned to a special undercover operation that has been resurrected from the 1980’s known as “21 Jump Street”. They are assigned to go back to high school as the McQuaid brothers to track down the source of a new drug that is killing teenagers. They find that things have changed considerably since they left because now the cool kids are the smart ones who are tech savvy and the outcasts are the kids who used to be cool. Jenko finds himself having trouble fitting in while Schmidt gets right into the “in” crowd and begins to infiltrate the kids who are the drug dealers… the popular kids, led by Dave Franco’s character, Eric. Dave Franco is the younger brother of James Franco and just as cute and talented.

While trying to get used to the reversal of their high school roles, their identities get further mixed up by the principal and suddenly Jonah Hill finds himself popular, and begins to enjoy this opportunity to go back and rewrite the history of the most painful time of his life, losing track of their mission, even applying for college, to keep up with his other new cool friends.

The movie remake is alot more comedy than the crime drama that it pays homage to from the 80’s TV series, although several of the original cast members make appearances, including Johnny Depp. I enjoyed watching this light hearted comedy that was funny without being stupid. I’m not a big Jonah Hill fan usually, but in this movie, it was perfect casting putting him opposite Channing Tatum’s handsome jock role.

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