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“You Sunk My Battleship” is a cry many of us have made in the course of playing the Hasbro game as we were growing up. Add Alexander Skarsgard (from True Blood), Taylor Kitsch (who starred earlier this year in John Carter), Liam Neeson (from Star Wars Phantom Menace and Taken), and Rhianna and you’ve got the formula for a kickass movie! In our infinite desire to reach out beyond our own small corner of the universe, we send a signal across the galaxy in the direction of a planet that is discovered to be similar to our own which could conceivably sustain life. Imagine our surprise when they respond with an invading force that is seemingly unstoppable with technology far superior to our own!

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Taylor Kitsch plays a slacker whose brother, played by Alexander Skarsgard, is more or less ashamed of him and decides to force him to join the Navy to become a man. Falling in love with the commander’s (played by Liam Neeson) daughter and pulling one hot-headed hijinks after another, Kitsch’s character (Cooper) is about to be booted out when aliens arrive on planet earth in the middle of a naval exercise near Hawaii after one of the alien ships is damaged and wipes out a large chunk of Hong Kong. The alien invading forces immediately set up a perimeter and establish their superiority by wiping out the naval forces on land and sea in Pearl Harbor while sealing the area in an impenetrable force field dome with only one ship inside, commanded by none other than Cooper, who is hell-bent on revenge after he watches his brother’s ship be annihilated by the aliens’ war machines.

When their radar and sonar is rendered useless, the heroes rely upon non-combat related technology used by the weather agency to detect tsunami conditions to detect the enemy movements and launch their attacks using a grid pattern, in an homage to the popular “Battleship” game. These perfectly believable details and the excellent CGI effects combined with a well thought out storyline make this a feel-good SciFi flick that should not be missed for fans of that genre.

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  1. Deepak says:

    This looks as LAME as that Relativity alien invasion movie Skyline that did tepid bienszs last Thanksgiving but Uni made this for $240m!!?! If the Langley/Fogelson regime isn’t removed by this time next year, Comcast must be figuring that flying pigs are taking over the country anyway, so no need to purge brainless execs. Sony could re-release the underwhelming BATTLE L.A. to garner more box office than the travesty that we now can call BATTLESHIP.

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