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Really Good Movie! Get the DVD!

A German businessman, Niklas, is tasked by his boss to travel to New York City to shut down their New York branch of the company, putting over 300 people out of work. Being a cold-hearted hatchet man, he has no problem handling his assignment. What he didn’t anticipate was a chance encounter in a coffeeshop with Leticia, an aspiring musician, who coincidentally works at the office he came to New York to close. She makes an impression on him with her positive attitude and gives him one of her CD’s and an invitation to her performance later that night, in an attempt to lighten the burden she sees weighing on his face. She has no idea that a few hours later, he is the one responsible for her being unemployed and facing eviction from her new apartment she just moved into to start her new life of independence.

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After he has performed his dastardly deed, as he is about to head to his hotel to relax before his return flight, he sees her on the street again, not realizing she has just received the news from HER boss that he had just delivered to management. He sees an opportunity for a quickie before his return flight, so he uses the lines that have worked so well for him before, but she rejects his obvious wealth and charm, which intrigues him even more. He decides to track her down, via the invitation she had given him, and thus begins a day of discovery for both of them in a whirlwind romance that could only happen in New York City, the city of endless possibilities!

Ken Duken as Niklas and Nicole Beharie as Leticia give great performances in this romantic comedy that has won many awards since it debuted at last year’s Cannes Film Festival including winner of the 2012 Black Reel Awards for Outstanding Independent Film and winner of Best Producer at the 2011 Brooklyn Film Festival.

The story is based upon the personal experience of writer-director Christoph Silber who met his wife on a subway in Brooklyn in a chance encounter. There is a wonderful soundtrack which includes 5 original songs performed by Beharie and written by Scott Jacoby that fit perfectly in the well written storyline including the title song performed at the end, “My Last Day Without You”, which can be heard in the film’s trailer below. Since they are foregoing the expense of distributing the film to theaters, it will soon be available on DVD in the USA after playing at many film festivals internationally and in the USA.

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  1. My Last Day Without You says:

    This is the first time I am hearing about this. The conflict(s) within the movie – time/love/location/culture should lead to some interesting dynamics. I will have to check it out. Thanks for posting!

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