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OK…. Last night I went to the theater with high anticipations and was sadly disappointed. Tonight, I went with very low expectations, in fact I only went to have something to do, not expecting to enjoy the movie. After all, I have never been a fan of Seth MacFarlane and have never watched a full episode of FAMILY GUY or THE CLEVELAND SHOW. But after being let down last night, tonight I couldn’t stop laughing. TED was so funny, from beginning to the end, with just the right amount of tugging at the heartstrings to keep you interested, you couldn’t help but enjoy this movie.

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Ted is ticklish!

Mark Wahlberg gives one of the best performances of his career, and I can’t imagine him doing many of the scenes throughout the movie with a CG teddy bear that would be edited in later using Seth McFarlane’s action-capture performance along with his voiceover talents. Better known for his iconic roles in “The Departed”, “The Happening”, “Max Payne”, and “The Italian Job”, in TED, Mark plays a 35 year old man who has had a talking, living Teddy Bear as his best friend since he was 8 years old and wished on a falling star, Wahlberg plays it perfectly, treating the teddy bear just like a real live actor.

Mila Kunis plays Wahlberg’s girlfriend who has been patiently waiting for 4 long years for him to get his life together enough to propose to her, but how grown up can a 35 year old with a Teddy Bear best friend be? If you aren’t familiar with Seth MacFarlane’s work, let’s just say that he’s known for his raunchiness and irreverence. TED is the most foul-mouthed little fuzzy critter you’ve ever heard using his “Family Guy” style of humor to target any subject that comes to mind or within range, from homosexuality to penis size, to general creepiness with no mercy! That is the primary reason for TED receiving its “R” rating, because there is no shortage of F-words, sexual situations (most of them involving the teddy bear having the sex!), pot smoking, and violence (Oh the horror when Ted’s ear gets ripped off!!!)! It’s obvious MacFarlane enjoyed being free of the fetters of the FCC in this first feature length film venture.

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Mark Wahlberg must’ve called in at least half of the favors he’s owed in Hollywood with all of the cameo roles throughout the movie, including Ryan Reynolds as a GAY GUY who kisses his partner, Patrick Warburton near the end of the movie, Joel McHale (from NBC’s Community as Kunis’s boss who keeps sexually harassing her) and Tom Skerritt, with Sir Patrick Stewart (Capt. Picard) as the narrator. There are nods to many geeky subjects which makes it relate-able to the 80’s where the fairytale type story begins, including Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Arc, as well as bringing in the 1980’s Flash Gordon, Sam Jones, who plays himself.

As I said in the beginning, I have never been a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s humor, but in this movie, it works and works very well! It will keep you laughing from start to finish, with car chases, action adventure, romance, political incorrectness, raunchiness… and I predict will become one of the big box office successes of the summer!



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  1. What a fantastic review! Although I have yet to watch any of Seth MacFarlane’s works, I remember seeing an interivew of him and thinking, “I love his Energy!” And he is very funny! My favorite part of your review is your highlighting the cameos and who does them in “Ted.” I look forward to watching this and soon. Thanks, again.

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