My Review- Seven Psychopaths

2 buckets of popcorn

My Rating: 2 Buckets of Popcorn- Good Movie Worth Seeing… If you like to laugh, even when it’s wrong!

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this movie. I saw Colin Farrell on a late night talk show and he said it was made by the same director who he worked with on “IN BRUGES” back in 2008.
Seven Psychopaths poster

1. Olga Kurylenko
2. Christopher Walken
3. Colin Farrell
4. Sam Rockwell
5. Abbie Cornish
6. Tom Waits
7. Woody Harrelson

That was a strange movie, to say the least, but it was good and unpredictable. That’s what this movie is like too. Colin Farrell stars as Marty, which not coincidentally is the name of the writer/director of the movie. “SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS” is about a screenwriter who is trying to write his newest movie which is called “Seven Psychopaths”.

It would be difficult to give you any more of the plot of the movie without giving it all away, but this tongue-in-cheek dramedy also stars Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, Gabourey Sidibe, Abbie Cornish, and Sam Rockwell. Essentially, the storyline follows a gang of dog-nappers who nab canines when their owners aren’t paying attention, and then return them to collect the rewards offered for the lost dogs. They make the mistake of stealing the dog of a mob boss played by Harrelson, and he goes after them with his gang to get his dog back. Christopher Walken gives a stellar performance as an older guy who is just trying to take care of his wife who has been diagnosed with cancer, without insurance.

Just to warn you, there is quite a bit of blood and violence with lots of people getting killed, but what else would you expect from a bunch of psychopaths?

Don’t jump up and run out when the credits start to roll, or you’ll be sorry! “SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS” hits theaters on Friday, October 12.
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