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Horror movie fans will delight in this latest offering from writer/director Marcus Dunstan in his latest collaboration with co-writer Patrick Melton, THE COLLECTION. Collection posterThis is a sequel to the 2009 movie, THE COLLECTOR which ended with Arkin, played by Josh Stewart trapped in a small red truck. Stewart reprises his role in this movie which starts out with Elena, played by Emma Fitzpatrick being convinced by her friends to go out to a private warehouse party where admission is by secret password only after she is ditched by her boyfriend when he calls to cancel their plans because something came up. As she kisses her handicapped wealthy sleeping father goodbye, a news report is playing on the TV about a crazed serial killer who has captured another victim that the police are trying to find. His name is Arkin and his wife is begging his captor to release her husband so he can come back to her and their baby.

Collection Elena

Elena stands by helplessly watching her best friend being crushed in the cage.

So Elena goes off to the party with her best friend and the friend’s brother. After gaining entry by knowing the password, while exploring the crowded dance floor packed with young teenage and twenty-something party-goers, she discovers her boyfriend making out on the dance floor with another bimbo, and after punching him, separates herself from the others to brood. She stumbles upon a trunk which she unlocks when she hears noises coming from it, and releases Arkin who is bound and gagged inside the booby-trapped trunk. As she is coping with the irrational screams of Arkin, trying to make sense of what is going on, down on the dance floor a rotating razor sharp harvester blade is being lowered down on the dance floor making a sweep across the dance floor cutting everyone on it to shreds in a pool of 55 gallons of fake blood and body parts. Those who try to escape, crowd into the cage style of elevator to safety, only to be locked in and crushed to death when the ceiling is slowly lowered on them with bones crushing and blood squeezing out. As Arkin frees himself from his shackles and desperately looks for a means to escape, the masked murderer encounters the hysterical Elena and drugs her and shoves her into the same trunk she had rescued Arkin from, thus setting the stage for the rest of the movie.

Collection photo

Arkin face to mask with the “Collector”

The masked murderer, who we never see the face of, has converted a remote abandoned hotel into a morbid, grotesque museum of macabre where he reassembles body parts from various victims into disgusting warped works of art preserved in large glass display cases. Arkin has successfully made his escape, and while laying in the hospital talking with his thankful wife, he is unwillingly recruited by a bodyguard employed by Elena’s father to assist in her rescue, as his moral responsibility since he could have attempted to help her escape, but abandoned her instead.

So he retraces the route which his abductor took with him, leading the rescue team of professional mercenaries to the dilapidated rundown hotel, which is booby-trapped with death waiting at every turn. They encounter other victims who have been drugged to become crazed killers and with surgically implanted bombs, as they systematically work their way through the death maze of rooms and hallways in the hotel.

Famous for their creative writing in the SAW series of movies starting with SAW IV, I do have to say that with THE COLLECTION, at least there is a plot to he film and it’s not just gore and horror for the sake of shock value. If you enjoy the horror genre, you will love the quality of videography and creativity used in making this film.

Collection Tergesen

Lee Tergesen, who plays Lucello in “The Collection”

One of the actors from the movie was present in the theater at the screening I attended and I had the opportunity to talk with him following the movie. Lee Tergesen plays Lucello, the leader of the rescue team employed by Elena’s father. Tergesen is best known for his portrayal of Tobias Beecher in HBO’s long running series, OZ. After congratulating him on the movie, I asked him what it was like making such a gruesome gory movie. He said, “It’s fun, but it is also physically challenging. The way movies are made today, you have to react to something when there’s nothing there but maybe a camera or nothing at all.” I asked him what he thought of the audience reaction at the screening and he replied, “It seemed like everyone enjoyed it! I was glad I came. I hope you liked it!”

Unlike their SAW movies, this movie does have a plot, at least, and introduces you to the characters through some character development. For a blood and guts slasher movie, it wasn’t bad, if you really like that sort of movie. It is in theaters now!

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