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2 buckets of popcorn

My Rating: 2 Buckets of Popcorn- Good Movie Worth Seeing…

Zombies are the new vampires with the popularity of the TV show, The Walking Dead. “Warm Bodies” offers an interesting twist on the romantic comedy genre with Nicolas Hoult, best known for his role as Tony on the British TV series, SKINS and from “X-Men: First Class”, as a young zombie who can only remember that his name began with “R”.
Warm Bodies pic

As R prepares to kill Julie’s boyfriend, Perry, and eat his brains, he notices, “Hmm, nice watch!” *CHOMP*

The world has suffered a zombie apocalypse with just a handful of survivors remaining uninfected, led by General Grigio played by John Malkovich who is determined to preserve what is left of humanity. He has led the construction of a compound surrounded by a huge wall where the survivors live, surrounded by devastation. R was apparently at an airport when he was infected with the zombie disease, and now he wanders the airport day after day, spending his nights in an abandoned jet plane he has turned into his own space with mementos of his former human life including vinyl records he plays on a record player. Even though it is a zombie story, this one is different from most other zombie stories with the comedic narration by R as he evolves after eating the brains of Perry, played by Dave Franco (hunky brother of James Franco). Perry was the boyfriend of Julie and after R starts eating his brains, he begins to see Perry’s memories of his love for Julie and it restarts his dead zombie heart, a la ET, and thus he begins to slowly return to being human.

Warm Bodies picture 2

As R tries to rescue and protect Julie to escape a zombie pack, he tells her, “Be dead.” but then advises her, “Too much!” when she is over-acting.

“Warm Bodies” has an amazing 94% approval rating by people who have seen it in previews or are looking forward to it on and while it is not going to be contending for any Oscars or Golden Globes, it is a heartwarming, pardon the pun, story that makes for lighthearted entertainment. There are great one-liners throughout the movie with good writing and excellent acting. The movie is rated PG-13 due to the people eating and violence when they eat brains and shoot the zombies in their heads, and hits theaters in the USA on February 1st. Below is the first 4 minutes of the film where you get acquainted with R, which sets the stage for the rest of the story! Below that is the trailer for the movie.

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