Scorpio Profile by Max

I came across this website called “The Gay Boy’s Guide to the Zodiac” and looked up his profiling for Gay Scorpios. It couldn’t be any more on point and hits the proverbial nail right on the head! With due credit to Max, I am copying and pasting it here because it is a precise profile of the inner workings of me, for anyone interested in finding out more!

Scorpio ~Sign of the Mystic~


“And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat. I tried to find the sound, but then it stopped. And I was in the darkness, so darkness I became…”
Constellation of The Scorpion, Scorpios are born from October 23 – November 21. Though their element is Water, their true dominion lies in either water-frozen: ice, or what lies beneath still waters: darkness. Their planet is Pluto. SHUT UP IT’S STILL A PLANET.

Famous Gay Scorpio Guys: RuPaul, Brent Corrigan, Robert Mapplethorpe, Rock Hudson, Christian Siriano, Francis Bacon, Augusten Burroughs

Fill me with your poison

Your Date with Scorpio:

     On your date out, it rains. “Just my luck,” he says to you over the phone. “But there is another place I had in mind.” An art museum would not have been your first choice, but with any other boy it would have been dull. He guides you along, stopping to admire certain paintings. You notice how he gets lost in some of the artwork, especially paintings you had found intense or even macabre. “But you see,” he whispers in your ear as you  examine a photograph of a beautiful boy tied up and blindfolded, “it only looks scary because you’re afraid to let go. When you submit to your fears, you realize you aren’t submitting at all. You have power over them.” He caresses your neck and you can’t help but be weirdly turned on.

     Eventually you two take shelter from the storm back at his home. You two order in, and that’s when admits to planning the date on a day when he knew it was going to rain. A devious plot, but you realize that today’s outing was far better than your original plans. His apartment is well-lit. The mood is serene. You’re enjoying every moment with him; he seems so intoxicating, the way he speaks, the glances he gives you. It puts on you on edge, but in a good way. Yet most of all, you get a sense that he’s trying to build trust with you. He knows your past, your pain. The revenge schemes he thinks up about your exes are simultaneously hilarious and frightening. After sharing a movie and making out with each other, you head up to his room.

     Just as you’re about to enter his room, the lights go out. You’re afraid. “It’s alright,” he calls to you from out of the dark. You feel his hands take hold of you and for once, you aren’t afraid of things that go bump in the night. You realize that you are only  afraid of the dark because you’re afraid of what’s hiding within it. “But not everything that lives in the dark is evil,” he tells you as  he kisses you. You feel his embrace, and though he isn’t the most muscular guy you’ve met, he is so incredibly strong. Entrusting in him, you allow him to lead you to his bed. “An the best part,” he says as his hands travel to the back of your shirt, “is what we let ourselves do when there is no light…”



What the Stars Say:
Scorpio serves as the great regulator of life’s forces, and therefore this sign is connected to death and the regeneration that springs from destruction. Death is a harsh yet necessary aspect of life, and this is only just one of the many reasons Scorpio boys get a bad rap in most astrology resources. But not here, Scorpio; I know you guys aren’t really all that bad. Just misunderstood.
In Greek mythology, Scorpio was an impossibly venomous and quick scorpion monster summoned by the goddess Diana to assassinate the immortal hunter Orion. Orion was the most skilled hunter in the world and vowed to hunt and kill every last creature on Earth to prove himself the douchiest guy in Greece–a pretty hard feat to come by if you know anything of Greek heroes. Diana, protector of all living creatures and certifiable badass, sent the scorpion to kill Orion in order to prevent mass extinction. Both Scorpio and Orion were put into the sky as constellations shortly after this episode.


It’s the job of death for life’s sake that connects to Scorpio’s dominion over destruction and regeneration (or transformation). This is one of the many reasons why people are sometimes wary of Scorpio guys, just like the bad publicity surrounding their planet, Pluto. Not only did the planet get demoted to planetoid (keeping with the Scorpio method of transformation and death) but it’s also the namesake of the god of the underworld. Okay, let’s take a step back. Few people realize this, but Hades was not the Greek god responsible for killin bitches. That duty belonged to the god Thanatos, personification of death itself. Hades actually wasn’t as bad compared to most of his fellow gods and goddesses–aside from that time he kidnapped the goddess of spring and made her his wife. Okay, not perfect. The domain of death, after all, is a dirty job but someone has got to do it. Without death, life cannot exist. Hades ruled the underworld fairly and justly, a far cry from his flaming, blue-haired counterpart in Disney’s Hercules.
Scorpio is a Water sign but has often been equated with ice. Scorpio boys aren’t cold-hearted per se, but they have a wall of ice guarded around the core of their emotions. If need be, they can also freeze people out. Another comparative element would be darkness itself. Leo is a light sign and is the lightest of them all. Scorpio stands as the darkest. Surprisingly, these boys often get along extremely well, further reinforcing the concept of yin and yang. Darkness and light must coexist for there to be order in the universe. The darkness is also a force that carries a lot of weight: mystery, imagination, depth, and the power to hide amongst it as protective force.


That Cosmic Bod:
They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and most Scorpio boys would agree. These guys have been called “intense” because of their piercing eyes that seem to look almost right through you. Though sometimes beautiful, the trademark Scorpio stare can come off as creepy or intrusive. But that’s the way a Scorpio dude can assess if you’re good or not, so take it as it is. Other common facial features include angular faces with sharp chins, a nice pair of lips, and shaggy or pliable hair on his head.


Scorpio men do not have the most physically imposing bodies since their power comes from a dynamically mental level. Their bodies are curved with sometimes arching backs. Because the body parts connected to Scorpio are the fun zones, this boy has a fantastic ass as well as a pretty nice cock. Even when not packing the most intense heat, this boy’s dick is designed to get the job done.

What’s on the Inside:

The depths of a Scorpio’s boys soul are profound and mystical. Cancer represents a sign in touch with their emotions, often letting their emotions take hold. Scorpios have the same emotional intensity as their Cancer cousins but their approach is far more defensive in method. A Scorpio keeps his emotions tightly guarded, putting up a wall to keep out any unwanted negativity. So yep, you heard that right folks, deep down on the inside, a Scorpio guy is actually quite sensitive. But he would soon kill you rather than let you escape with that knowledge.
Not that Scorpio’s are as scary as they come off. Because they know how to tap into the darkness, they are able to use its energy to facilitate interactions many would at first deem negative (such as manipulation). While Scorpios make brilliant tacticians, it’s not in their nature to manipulate people in malevolent ways unless the person in question has hurt them or someone close to them. In fact, if you find yourself being set up with an amazing guy who turns out to be truly amazing, chances are you’ve got a Scorpio friend in the background rubbing his hands together and muttering to himself: “just as planned”.

Sensitive at heart

It’s this power to descend into darkness that rounds out both Scorpio dude’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. Here’s where some of that bad press comes in. I’m sure you’ve heard things like how most serial killers are Scorpios. Well, aside from the fact that they are into patterns, obsessive, and methodical, there is another reason why Scorpios have been called the “evil” sign. 1. People are afraid of the darkness and in Western schools of thought, darkness is equated with evil. 2. Those with the greatest power to do evil also have the best potential to do good. Most good Scorpios have seen the a type of darkness (mental, tragic, etc.) for themselves and survived where others could not. Knowing this side of life, they use their knowledge to help others and heal the world. This is why they are connected in spirit with Virgo (look at both of their sign’s symbols) as proverbial lords of the earth: Virgo in charge of above-ground pursuits and ideals and Scorpio firmly planted in the subterranean underworld. Scorpio boys are powerful, almost mystical people with a hold on channeling energy, transforming people, emotions, and ideas and plunging the depths of the soul. In that way, they are the mystics or the magicians of the zodiac. Magic men indeed.


Scorpio men who rise above tragedy end up becoming some of the most virtuous souls out there. Those who succumb to the darkness end up destroying themselves. Self-destruction ties into their obsessive tendencies. Alcohol and heavy drug use is a huge Scorpion killer. But since this is the sign of rebirth, Scorpios that fall hard are also the highest to rise, going onto to pursue careers where they can wield their power for positive change. Like Virgos, these boys may take an interest in the medical profession, being so tight with death as to literally resurrecting flat-lining patients (a Scorpio friend of mine who frequently works in the E.R. claims to have brought seven people back from the other side). Another major field of interest is psychology, since herein lies a Scorpio’s other uncanny talent: that of reading people like books. Scorpio’s can hone in on the darkness in other people as well, for better or worse.
Plunging into mystical terrain is a Scorpion specialty, and so these guys often take up relevant hobbies. Scorpio guys love literature, especially mythology, fantasy, and sci-fi reads. When it comes to music, every Scorpio guy has his absolute favorite band or singer. Usually the artist(s) in question he likes because their music speaks directly to his soul. As he is relentless and obsessive, these interests usually define a major part to his character.


The realm of sex deserves its own mention for the Scorpio boy category because Scorpio is a sign with dominion in sex and death. In literature, the acts of sex and death were often linked (Shakespeare has a lot to say about this and it gets pretty kinky in a weird way, just what Scorpio boys love). This translates itself into the gay lifestyle in some pretty fascinating ways. At the most frightening level, some astrologers believe that when Pluto traveled on its orbit through the constellation of Scorpio, the combination heralded the coming of HIV and AIDS (death via sex). On the brighter side, since most Scorpio men know both of these realms, they take great lengths to protect themselves and others. Scorpio men of course love sex but it is a very complicated love. On one hand, they know of its immense power and rule it has over people. Scorpio gay boy Brent Corrigan used his sexual prowess in porn to make a career for himself. And yet, while Scoripo guys are sexy, they aren’t sluts. Typically. A Scorpio boy will hold out on sex with a guy he likes until he can trust him. While he can dabble in casual sex, he would prefer the emotional connection with a lover.


Okay so let’s talk about all the scary things you probably know already when it comes to Scorpio boys. First off: no Scorpio boy wants to be betrayed, and yet this seems to plague a gay Scorpio constantly. A Scorpio boy will most likely get cheated on by some dickhead at least once during his early stages of dating in the gay world. Rest assured though that boy will NEVER get away with it. Scorpios have the power to sniff out the truth. Lying to a Scorpio–which is VERY unwise–will only work for the most skilled deceivers. Of course, the double-edged sword here is that since Scorpios are such good manipulators, they may dabble in deception as well as a means to an end. Okay, so when they’re bad, they’re bad. As Scorpios are venomous creatures with a nasty sting, their sense of humor can also come off as mean and dickish sometimes. Not to mention, since Scorpio men are so fucking hard to read sometimes (just the way they like it) it’s often hard to tell whether or not he’s truly joking or truly being a douche. It would be unwise to retaliate meanly…
The scorpion is a reactionary creature unless on the hunt. The good news here is that a Scorpio will RARELY ever attack someone or be mean unless PROVOKED. But when that happens, all bets are off. You will be destroyed. A Scorpio scorned is a truly frightening creature. His anger is not the yelly-screamy kind of anger, but the ruthless, cold, cutting variety. If he knows your insecurities already, you’re finished. Scorpios rarely relent and rarely forgive a major injustice, though typically you’d have to go out of your way or knowingly hurt them to earn their unbridled wrath. If their anger is unwarranted and you are truly innocent, a Scorpio will wise up and apologize (it may take awhile but he will) but you would have to be lucky to afford such mercy. THIS is the reason why Scorpio men get a bad rap. Because their sting is so deadly.


Phew. Now for some more nice things. A Scorpio values trust and friendship and so he makes an extremely loyal friend. Since he knows human nature so well, he’ll typically role with almost anybody, but these people will be especially cultivated to his comfort and esteemed value. A Scorpio boy will never make friends with people he deems untrustworthy or who could hurt him. For that reason, his friend circle is extremely tight. He sees right through gender so he does not prefer guys to girls. Instead, he will affiliate with people he can relate to (this varies regardless of the gender in question). A Scorpio spares his friends any negative manipulation and he acts as the watchdog of the group to make sure none of them are hurt. You WANT a Scorpio watching your back. Not only can he relate to you on a profound level but he gaurantess you his infinite protection and loyalty. So in the words of another gay Scorpio with some…interesting transformative powers: “DON’T FUCK IT UP” – Ru Paul.


You and the Other Boys:
A Scorpio boy knows exactly what’s wrong with the gay community and will take great lengths to avoid those negative aspects. Since he knows human nature so well though, he can usually protect himself from the bitches of the scene…and believe me, he knows how to be a bitch right back. These boys don’t let anybody push them around. At their worst, they can be the number one rumor spreaders in the community, and at the best, they are trustworthy and fun to an absolute. They enjoy the night life, dancing and have the power to predict which nights are the best to go out. Part of his instincts. Many other gay men may find him attractive due to his latent sexual energy, but fortunately he knows how to pick ’em…most of the time.


Connecting with a Scorpio:
For a guy so hell-bent on building up emotional walls, connecting at an emotional level may be tricky when it comes to Scorpio boys. It usually is. The best foundation for connections comes from sharing your common interests. If he’s into your shit he assumes you’re a person much like himself to a degree and can thus be trusted. If you’re passionate about anything he’ll appreciate your desire. Since if you’re into him he already knows, then it will be easy to tell if you’re going to get anywhere right away.
Above all be completely honest with him even when he shares nearly anything with you at first. The more truth you tell the more he’ll lower his emotional walls of ice. If you have any pressing questions he’ll usually answer them honestly provided they are important. If he senses you are insecure about him, he’ll try to do what he can to assure you…just as long as it doesn’t compromise his own tight security that is.


Scorpios, being so drawn to dark souls as they are, have a bad habit of magnetizing problem-boys. A Scorpio guy sees himself as the anti-hero with a heart of gold, ready to jump in and save his boy from the clutches of doom and gloom. More often than not he ends up with completely emotionally imbalanced individuals whose complications risk compromising his safety and desires. So points to you if you’re sane! But stay aggressive as Scorpios don’t typically like it when someone is too too passive.
As I said before, sex with Scorpios is tricky territory. Some guys may accuse their Scorpio boyfriends of withholding sex as a means to getting something from them: emotionally or whatever. Guilty. As much as Scorpios LOOOOOOVE sex, they are surprisingly great at self-restraint. With them, sex is never on-demand. But what he is unwilling to give in quantity he DEFINITELY makes up with in quantity. This is how you separate the good Scorpios from the crazies. If he is bad in bed then that means that he is out of touch with his inner emotions and clearly doesn’t care about you. And if there is a connection…you will know it. Oh believe me, you’ll know it by the time your screaming and gripping the bedsheets.


Respect a Scorpio’s independence and emotional withdraws. Dark signs are introverts in terms of energy and so they recharge when by themselves as opposed to extroverts who recharge when around others. The problem is, if a Scorpio boy likes you, he may hesitate to tell you to stop being so clingy for fear of risking losing you. And good luck picking up on his emotional cues. This is where it may help to be another Dark sign, especially another Water sign. The only weak-point a Scorpio boy has when it comes to emotions is his eyes. Learn his stares and body language. It’s the only chance you’ll have of picking up on what he’s feeling unless he comes out and tells you straight up. But here is the clincher, as a good Scorpio friend of mine puts it:

“…Even though we go to great lengths to keep people at a distance, we want to be understood by someone, badly. And not just “Oh, this is someone that I trust, whom I share my feelings with”. We spend so much time exploring and living within ourselves that the thought of someone else being able to share in that experience is something we crave, because, at the end of it all, being isolated and secluded is lonely.”

Romance with a Scorpio is a great experience of shared intimacies. Though it takes time to build up a rapport with a Scorpio boy, the more you connect, the stronger your relationship will become. Be warned though, a Scorpio boy will reveal to you your inner darkness whether or not you wish to face it. It’s not as if he’s intentionally trying to get you to face your demons. A Scorpio guy just has that power to act like a mirror for you to look back on. Usually you will find common ground on both of your insecurities, so in a way this can be another relationship strengthener. As he is the sign of transformation, you will find yourself being transformed by your Scorpio boo, finding yourself a stronger and more complete individual than you were before you met him.


In the Boudoir:
On Top of It:
Fortunately some stereotypes are good. And for Scorpio men who are in touch with their emotions, sex can be A-FUCKING-MAZING. Scorpios embody all the dark naughty thoughts we have when it comes to sex, so perhaps our own culture shaped the reasons why these boys are so badass in bed. Scorpio tops like it when you moan and completely surrender yourself to them. They are dominate by nature and are no strangers to kink, especially bondage. Nothing gets the off more than their bottom boy sprawled out in front of him totally helpless. More importantly though is the connection. He uses sex as a method of opening up to his lover and seeing his soul. In that way, while sex with a Scorpio boy can get dark, it’s also quite beautiful.


On the Receiving End: Submission is just another form of control for these boys. His cock is yours. And a Scorpio bottom loves everything that comes with taking it from another dude, the power, the pain, and of course the pleasure. Because his desire is so strong, it seems no matter what you give is not enough to satisfy his nearly insatiable appetite. When he gives you head…check please. He will not stop, sometimes even after you’ve finished and begged him to relent. Sometimes relentless can be pretty fun.


Do not take sex with a Scorpio for granted. It’s truly an experience. Though it may be hard to see it though all the bondage, gags, and maybe not even at all if you’re blindfolded, a Scorpio is no stranger to love and romance. He likes his pleasure but pleasing you is just as important to him. For him, sex is the way to your heart. If you trust him and he trusts you, there is no more purer, amazing and innocent feeling of sex out there…even it’s pretty damn kinky.


Queer Variations: This for other male-identified orientations: Since transformation is a latent Scorpio ability and they hold authority over their own genitals, Scorpio trans men are often luckier when it comes to transitioning into their true gender. While there are the emotional traumas to deal with, a Scorpio trans guy who overcomes these hurdles will most likely be completely secure with their gender for the rest of their life. A bisexual Scorpio boy loves the prospect of the “taboo” of gay sex and though he feels like the downlow is comfortable territory, he only feels this is necessary because he won’t be accepted. For that reasons, a bi Scorpio may only be “out” to close friends only.

So that’s Max’s interpretation of Scorpios, like me. Comments or your viewpoints or perspectives are welcome below!! If you’re interested in getting to know me to see if Max is right, just EMAIL me and let me know!

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