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1popcorn “LUCY” is a movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman about a woman, who gets exposed to an illegal synthetic drug that affects her brain, making her unbelievably super-intelligent. Sadly, in order to enjoy this movie and believe the storyline, you have to undergo just the opposite effect and leave your brain at home.

Lucy 1

Emotionless Lucy & police captain in Paris

It is a total waste of Ms. Johansson’s brilliant acting abilities because all she does is walk around with a blank look on her face, devoid of any emotion or acting whatsoever. If that is how we are going to act when we start using more of our brains than the 10% we’ve been told that we typically utilize, I’d rather be dumb.

You are asked to believe that just with the power of her mind, Lucy is capable of sorting out individual cell phone conversations in mid-air…

Lucy 2

Lucy contacts leading brain specialist played by Morgan Freeman.

can contact Morgan Freeman’s character in his hotel room when he’s at an out of town conference, and can also takeover his alarm clock, television, cell phone, laptop computer, from thousands of miles away. As if that wasn’t enough to swallow, as her mind gets more powerful, she can throw people around and take away their bullets out of their guns, make a car drive itself going the wrong way in traffic, time travel back in history to prehistoric times, watching Times Square being reverse engineered back through history.

Lucy 3

Lucy falls to the ceiling as the chemical rages through her system.

Previews of “LUCY” made it seem like a movie with lots of action and adventure, but the reality is that it goes so far “out there” with implausible situations that it borders on being laughable. I’ve said in prior reviews that unless it is a futuristic space movie that is pure fantasy, a movie needs to be at least somewhat plausible and believable for me to enjoy it, and this one goes from one outrageous concept to another for the entire 90 minutes.

Tell me what you think of it below if you go see it, but I’d recommend waiting for the DVD.

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