My Daughter’s Wedding- YES, I MADE IT!

So….. Thanks to the generosity of one of my best friends here in New York, I was able to travel to St. Louis in mid-November to bake my daughter’s wedding cake and walk her down the aisle and dance the Father/Daughter dance with her! She doesn’t have any extra beds in her house, so one of my best gay friends from when I used to live there let me stay at his house and provided me with all of the transportation I needed to run around gathering up the stuff I needed to bake her cake. It was a wonderful week, even if my 60th birthday just kind of went by unceremoniously due to the focus being her wedding, as it should have been.

Below is a slideshow of my photos from the wedding and the cake I made. Her colors and theme was peacock feathers and it was the first time I had ever worked with them. I was worried about it, not sure how feathers and cake were going to mix together and I didn’t want anyone getting feathers in their mouth, but it worked out just fine and was beautiful, as you can see below….

She married a great guy who she knew from high school when they went to school together. He gets along great with my grandson and was very nice to me, when they took me out to dinner at a St. Louis restaurant and when I went to their house the last night of my visit. I hope they will be married for many, many years.

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After 20 years of being in a sometimes happy, sometimes frustrated marriage, I decided it was time for me to stop living a life of lies and deceit and be true to who I really was, a gay man, and to start pursuing my own pathway to happiness. That pathway has had many high points and low points with many obstacles thrown at me by fate. While I have met many wonderfully sweet men over the years, some for short term relationships and others for brief encounters, my search continues for that one "Mr. Right" that I can be with long term, sharing everything in our lives together. to see who I'm searching for. Maybe it's you?
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