The Fantastic Four- My Review

Watch it at home. Wait for the DVD.

Watch it at home. Wait for the DVD.

All I can say about this movie is that I’m not surprised that it’s the first Marvel Movie that Stan Lee did not make a cameo appearance in. This is probably the worst movie that Marvel has EVER made, and let’s face it, there have been some turkeys (also made by 20th Century Fox Studios), until recently, when they seemed to have found the formula to produce blockbuster after blockbuster (made by Disney)—- But that came to a screeching halt with this movie! Fantastic Four has fallen victim to the continuing battle for the rights to the Fantastic Four movie rights between Disney and Fox. That’s the reason why Disney can’t bring other members of the Fantastic Four franchise, such as The Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, and others who can’t cross over into the “Marvel Comics Universe” movies. Fox refuses to release the rights back to Marvel, but continue to put out mediocre movies in the meantime.


The cast of the new Fantastic Four

The storyline, the acting, everything about this movie is just not worth the film that was wasted making it. Save your money. Everyone in the theater was just laughing and shaking their heads as the credits finished. There wasn’t even the usual Marvel “Easter Egg” snippet of video at the end.

See it at your own risk after viewing the trailer below, and post your own comments and impressions in comments below.

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