Heading to Rio de Janeiro!

Bad Timing! I should have left a week earlier!

New York City just went through the 2nd biggest snowstorm in its history yesterday, with the snow accumulation missing the alltime highest record by just 1/10 of an inch… I think they should remeasure!! 26.8 inches of snow fell in Central Park and all within a 24 hour period! The winds were whipping it around from 40 to 65 miles per hour gusts! When it stopped snowing, I ventured outside and took the following pictures and video by my building in Sunnyside Queens, just across the East River from Manhattan.

A week from today, I will be landing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where the temperature is forecast to be 93 degrees F! I was hoping I would be timing my trip to miss the worst of the winter weather, but I guess I was off by a week! Oh well…

I can’t wait to be on the beautiful sunny beaches of Rio and to see all of the sights that Rio has to offer! The wonderful Brazilian churrascarias with their delicious roasted meats, the statue of Jesus high above, overlooking the city, and the beautiful Brazilian MEN!!! I’m not sure which I’m looking forward to the most! šŸ˜‰ But the highlight of my trip will undoubtedly be the CARNIVAL, aka MARDI GRAS!!

I’ve got a new set of luggage, some new summer clothes and a swimsuit, met with my doctor and got vaccinated for Typhoid and a prescription for traveler’s pills, in case I get stomach problems from the drinking water! I’m really looking forward to my first vacation trip since 2007 when I was with my last boyfriend and we went to South Beach Miami for Labor Day weekend.


The beach where I’ll be staying in Rio

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