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I’m sorry I haven’t posted any movie reviews for such a long time, but I never get any comments or responses so I got to feeling like it was a one-sided conversation and why was I bothering to do it. My sources for free passes pretty much just dried up, so I haven’t been able to attend very many advance screenings also.

I did attend the STAR WARS MARATHON EVENT in December, seeing ALL 7 MOVIES in chronological order from start to finish! It was EPIC! 21 hours of movie viewing! We started at 1AM and with bathroom breaks and meal breaks built into the schedule, ending after the dinner hour with the new Star Wars movie. We were so tired, I’m sure I missed a lot of important parts of the movie! LOL During many different parts of the various movies, the sound of snoring was pervasive in the auditorium and I was wishing they’d have brought along their C-PAP machines, if they were going to SLEEP through the movies! 🙂 I was thrilled to see the 6 original Star Wars films back up on the big screen! Hard to believe that it was 39 YEARS ago that those scrolling letters first told us of a story that took place in a “Galaxy Far, Far Away!”

I’ve seen several movies over the fall, winter, and into the spring including the horrendous “Batman vs. Superman” fiasco, the recent “Civil War” by Marvel (which I felt was much better done), “Criminal” with Kevin Costner, “Deadpool” (which was great although not your typical superhero movie), “Jungle Book” (which was an EXCELLENT re-imagining of the classic Disney movie!), “Gods of Egypt” (which I really enjoyed, but didn’t do so well at the box office, I felt due to poor marketing!), “Hateful Eight” (an amazing theatrical experience if you saw it in one of the special 70mm theaters complete with programs and overture as well as intermission!), “Love the Coopers” (the feel good Christmas movie of the year), “The Martian”, “Stonewall”, and that brings us back to “The Intern” which was my last review I posted before I got bored with it.

So anyway, that’s a little bit of an update, if anyone is still paying attention. With no comments or feedback, it’s difficult to tell!

If you are still interested, let me know! I’m scheduled to go see “VICEROY HOUSE” this week. Is there anyone out there? 🙂

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