Ooops!! Ouch!!

I had a nice wooden dining room chair which I’ve had for many years. It has served me well since I rescued it from the curb after the landlord had cleared out a vacant apartment. I was sitting in it last night after finishing my dinner… and Kwan, my roommate, came home from school and work and was about to get his dinner which I had cooked and was on the stove in the kitchen keeping warm.

As he was walking by, I reached over and grabbed him and pulled him over to give him a friendly hug, because I haven’t seen him very much due to him being with his boyfriend a lot recently… He’s been a GREAT roommate for over 2 years now as he’s been working on his PhD degree in Criminal Justice. We get along really great and haven’t had a single disagreement the whole time.

So just as I was reaching around him, suddenly my chair just disintegrated beneath me… The seat split apart down the middle and it just splintered into a hundred pieces, dumping me in the floor. It’s never shown any signs of weakness or problems before unlike many other wooden chairs I’ve had over the years. With other chairs, I’ve gone through many bottles of wood glue reinforcing glued joints and nailing or screwing them back together, but not this one!

So DOWN I WENT! Kwan had tried to catch me as I was going down and ended up with me on top of his leg, both of us lying on the floor surrounded by splintered wood everywhere! I was afraid I had broken his leg! After I gathered my composure, making sure that no bones were broken, and Kwan had worked his way out from underneath me, he helped me get up and then we gathered up and swept up the splinters of my chair and took them to the trash room. Luckily, the only thing hurt was my chair and my pride! I just have two small bruises, one on each hip where the wooden back supports poked me as I was going down. Now I have to look for a replacement chair that I can depend on to not dump me in the floor again, unless I am lucky enough to find another one on the curb that someone else didn’t want! If it serves me for another 8 years like this last one did, it won’t owe me anything!!

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After 20 years of being in a sometimes happy, sometimes frustrated marriage, I decided it was time for me to stop living a life of lies and deceit and be true to who I really was, a gay man, and to start pursuing my own pathway to happiness. That pathway has had many high points and low points with many obstacles thrown at me by fate. While I have met many wonderfully sweet men over the years, some for short term relationships and others for brief encounters, my search continues for that one "Mr. Right" that I can be with long term, sharing everything in our lives together. to see who I'm searching for. Maybe it's you?
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