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I haven’t posted in a while, because I just got home from a month in Brazil!!


From high on Pão de Açúcar looking down on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach in the background!

I flew into Sao Paulo where I rented an apartment through AirBnB and then after a few days, flew up to Rio de Janeiro to see my friends I made last year who live there. After 5 days in Rio, I returned to Sao Paulo where I attended the Carnaval Celebration and parties! I’ll go into more details in a later posting complete with pictures and videos, but my next travel venture I’m taking will be in July to Las Vegas to attend the BiggerVegas party for Chubs and Chasers. As of this writing, there are 700 guys scheduled to attend from all over the world!!

I’m looking forward to seeing many old friends who are going and finally meeting many guys who I’ve been talking to for YEARS!!!

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After 20 years of being in a sometimes happy, sometimes frustrated marriage, I decided it was time for me to stop living a life of lies and deceit and be true to who I really was, a gay man, and to start pursuing my own pathway to happiness. That pathway has had many high points and low points with many obstacles thrown at me by fate. While I have met many wonderfully sweet men over the years, some for short term relationships and others for brief encounters, my search continues for that one "Mr. Right" that I can be with long term, sharing everything in our lives together. to see who I'm searching for. Maybe it's you?
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