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Winter is here… Brazil, here I come!!

The first weekend of February, I’ll be heading south once again like I did last winter, headed for Sao Paulo, Brazil! Last year, I went to Rio de Janeiro and had a wonderful time, although there weren’t as many “chubby … Continue reading

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My Review- Magic Mike

For several months, I’ve looked forward to viewing this movie, and tonight was the night I’ve been waiting for. Even though it was, in general, not a bad movie, I have to admit that it didn’t have the type of … Continue reading

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Gaily Forward- Not everyone has been users or losers… The Good Guys!

With my prior posting, I may have given the impression that everyone I’ve met has been a user or a loser. Quite the contrary to be honest! I’ve probably had more than my share of wonderful guys! My first really … Continue reading

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Gaily Forward- Users & Losers

Being a big guy in the gay community just seems to be a magnet that draws USERS and LOSERS like an electromagnet draws steel. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that I have experienced in the 17 years since … Continue reading

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Gaily Forward- Hanky Codes

“Hanky Codes” signify the various handkerchief colors and fabrics that people in the gay community can wear when they are at gay functions to give subtle indications as to what their interests are or what they’re looking for. They’re worn … Continue reading

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Safe sex….

When I was coming out almost 18 years ago, I was living in St Louis and attended a “Coming Out” series of lessons lead by the local “Effort For Aids” to help make the transition a little smoother for those … Continue reading

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Valentines Day

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Today is Valentine’s Day, 2012, and once again, I find myself alone with no significant other in my life. Since I have always been such a romantic person, facing it alone is very depressing for me. When I lived at … Continue reading

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