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Gaily Forward- Gay Trivia Primer

GAY TRIVIA PRIMER… What’s with all these “RAINBOWS”; and why Rainbows?? What do they mean “Are you a friend of Dorothy?” What’s “LEATHER” got to do with being gay? Why should I be “PROUD” of being homosexual? Hello and welcome … Continue reading

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Gaily Forward- What makes you Gay?

What makes a person “GAY”??? No, I’m not talking about whether it’s genetic or environment. I’m talking about just what is there about you, that makes YOU, as an individual, GAY? Take a look around you, or even in the … Continue reading

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Gaily Forward- Hanky Codes

“Hanky Codes” signify the various handkerchief colors and fabrics that people in the gay community can wear when they are at gay functions to give subtle indications as to what their interests are or what they’re looking for. They’re worn … Continue reading

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