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Gaily Forward- Users & Losers

Being a big guy in the gay community just seems to be a magnet that draws USERS and LOSERS like an electromagnet draws steel. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that I have experienced in the 17 years since … Continue reading

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My Review- 21 Jump Street

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The new “slim-downed” Jonah Hill and gorgeous Channing Tatum join forces to go undercover in this 21st century update to the 1980’s hit series, “21 Jump Street”. It takes place in “Metropolitan City” and starts out 7 years ago with … Continue reading

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Valentines Day

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Today is Valentine’s Day, 2012, and once again, I find myself alone with no significant other in my life. Since I have always been such a romantic person, facing it alone is very depressing for me. When I lived at … Continue reading

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