Up Close and Personal
ChiChi LaRue

by Carlin Langley

When one looks at the title of her best-selling book, "Making It Big", one can't help but
wonder just exactly what ChiChi LaRue was talking about given the many possibilities! Was
she talking about her Drag Queen career? Was she talking about her Porno Directing career?
Was she talking about certain body parts of the Porn Stars she's directed in the over 100
movies she's made? Or was she talking about her own statuesque figure?? According to her, it
was kind of all of the above!

Larry Paciotti, now 38 years old, was raised in Hibbing, MN in a primarily Scandinavian and
European community about 200 miles from Minneapolis. He came out of his closet at
Christmas of 1982 in his early 20's. He was home for the holidays when his mother said, "...
pass the antipasto and check on the raviolis, and oh, are you gay?" He was already performing
in Minneapolis in a drag group known as the "Weather Gals" (with a moustache!!) and at the
weight of 300 pounds, could only be considered "camp drag" at that time! He doesn't take
himself too serious or try to emulate himself as being a "real female illusionist". "After all,
we're just MEN IN DRESSES, and it's important to remember that!" After conquering the
local drag scene in Minneapolis, ChiChi decided to pursue her dream of really making it big
and headed West to seek fame and fortune! She had become enamored with adult porn,
sometimes driving all the way from Hibbing to Minneapolis in order to seek an outlet for her
desires she was feeling.

Upon arriving in California, Larry started making contacts to try to break into the Porn
industry and started out in sales, promoting the movies, but learning all he could at every
opportunity! Soon he got the chance to be involved in the making of the movies as a sound
boy and then got his first directing job and was on his way to becoming the well known
famous director ChiChi LaRue is known as today! She has made well over 100 adult gay
porns at this point and has worked with some of the "BIGGEST" names in the business. Joey
Stefano, Ryan Idol, Hank Hightower, Chad Connors, Marco Rossi.... ChiChi has worked with
them all! She calls her home a "Porn Motel" due to the porn stars who are always coming and
going from her sanctuary at various stages of their careers. She currently calls Jordan Young,
who lives with her, her "right hand man" due to his indispensable help with keeping her headed
in the right direction and basically running her household as boys come and go.

She makes movies for several studios including Catalina, Falcon, Jocks, All Worlds, and
several others. She says making the movies isn't as easy or as glamorous as it is made to look
like. It typically takes 6 to 8 hours to film one 20 minute segment with a sex scene, which
involves lining camera angles back up again.. getting actors hard again... it's not all glamour
and fun! She doesn't do the films wearing her drag paraphenalia, because it would be too
much trouble.. and "the eyelashes would end up on top of my head!" I asked who her favorite
stars have been to work with and her reply was, "There's lots of them.. " and avoided

She said she was thrilled to be featured on the first cover of EXP magazine. The high point of
her career personally "was being able to make the crossover into mainstream Hollywood, like
I've been in the Madonna video, and I've been on Ru Paul, and on Joan Rivers, and alot of
these people embrace me because I'm not the scary pornographer that people think of in their
heads when they think of pornography. You know, I'm the big fun drag queen!" The most
embarrassing thing that has ever happened to her was being caught by her mother as a child
with a neighbor girl named Claudia with all of their clothes off! She has done pussy in order to
get to a dick, just for the record, and that was how she wanted to end this interview!

ChiChi is a brashy, baudy and somewhat trashy queen who actually did her own live singing,
which was a real treat to the St. Louis audience who attended the packed show to celebrate
New Year's Eve at Faces and only gets to see lip synching drag normally! She was a pleasure
to talk to and to get to know, and is always on the lookout for new talent for her movies!
Interested? Just call us!

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