"Gaily Forward"

by Carlin Langley

What makes you "GAY"???

No, I'm not talking about whether it's genetic or environment. I'm talking about just what is there
about you, that makes YOU, as an individual, GAY?

Take a look around you, or even in the mirror, and ask that same question... What does being gay
mean to you? Does it mean you act feminine? Does it mean you dress up in dresses and go out or
perform on stage as a drag queen? Does it mean you walk with a "Swish"? Take a look at the list
below and see just how many, if any, of the following apply to you, in your life.

- I know every Broadway musical since the dawn of time.

- I have uncanny fashion sense.

- Can style my hair and others with a natural knack.

- Enjoy having sex with others of my same sex.

- Love the "Wizard of Oz" and am a friend of Dorothy.

- Wouldn't dream of wearing "white" after Labor Day.

- Express my thoughts and emotions talking with my hands.

- Live a promiscuous life style.

- I am basically "non-committal" with regards to most issues.

- Can dance all the latest dance steps.

- Love the feel and look of leather.

- Enjoy Bondage and S&M being involved in my sexual play.

- Identify with "Rainbows" and believe in "Gay Pride".

- I enjoy only "Oral Sex" with others of my gender.

- I'm confused about my gender identity.

- I feel God made a mistake. (woman trapped in man's body or vice versa)

- Have to stay out till the wee hours of the morning hooking up with my friends, disregarding my

- Have to work out 5 times a week to keep my "BOD" in prime shape to make me more attractive
to other men (or women).

- Have everything pierced that I can afforrd to have done or that I want to have extra ventilation.

- Enjoy having group sex with others of my same gender.

- Love walking around in the nude, when alone or with others.

- Am always very careful to cross my legs appropriately.

- Hold my cigarette "just so".

- I have to have a different "trick" every night of the week.

- My life wouldn't be complete without my cell phone and pager.

- I love wearing rings (one on every finger) and necklaces.

- I taught my mother how to sew at the age of 10.

- I enjoy water sports and other forms of "Kink" in my sexual play.

- I can arrange flowers with a dramatic flair.

- I know all of the hanky codes and what they mean, including whether right or left.

OK.. there could be more but you get my drift. If you are reading this, the chances are pretty
good that you are a "homosexual", which simply means that you are attracted to people of the
same gender. So just where did all of the other "stuff" above come from and get added into the

In some past research, I read that living our lives as gay youth, in order to disguise the fact that
we were different from our peers, we habitually "exercised" our creative abilities, which accounts
in large part for the unusual number of gay people involved in the "creative" areas of dance,
music, art, floral design, hair design, and culinary arts. So that explains some of our choices for
vocations and that's all good.

The point I'm making is this. Do we do these things because we are gay or are we gay because
we do these things? Don't you think sometimes, in some instances, it's a case of the cart driving
the horse? It's like in "GAY 101" class, they hand out a list of "WAYS TO BE GAY" and say,
"Ok, pick what's you and go out and be gay!" You don't have to try to do everything on the list in
order to "be gay"... Just be you!!! And we'll all go gaily forward together!! Till next time.....

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