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I know, you're thinking, "Why take a penis personality survey???" Well, why not??? If you're a female, and you want to vote for your favorite type, feel free!!!



All I ask is that as you answer, please be honest and no crazy stuff, ok? This is serious business!!! ;-Ş After all, I'm trying to find MR. RIGHT!!!


First:  Last: Sex: M F YES

E-Mail: (PLEASE!!! Give me a way to contact you! Otherwise, why do this???)

City: State: Country:

Age: Height: Weight: (THIS IS REQUIRED!!!)

Web Page URL: (Or Online profiles such as bearwww, bear411, biggercity, etc.)

A few rules here... Since it's my survey, I get to determine the standard unit of measurement, and since I know very little about metric, IT SHALL BE INCHES!!!

(TAKE NOTE: The Values as they are marked now are "MY ANSWERS" just for your information and for comparisons sake!!!)

So....... Here we go!!! I Hope You Have Fun Doing This!!! Be Honest and Accurate now!!! Enjoy Measuring! And if you need help in measuring or getting it ready to measure, just hit the E-male button at the bottom!!!

Well.. most important and what we all want to know first is of course ERECT SIZE...
(The Old
"Boys in the Locker Room" syndrome-- "Is his bigger than mine???")
And let's go by 1/2 inches for accuracy's sake.....

#1. When ROCK Hard, IS YOUR'S .... (hmm.. where to start?) (choose one)

3-  3 1/2-  4-  4 1/2-  5-  5 1/2-  6-  6 1/2-  7-  7 1/2-

8-  (Any this size or larger must include personal telephone number!!! :-D

8 1/2- 9- (Should send personal photo to me pronto!!)

9 1/2- 10-  (Might get prepaid plane ticket!!!)

10 1/2- 11 - (Come on now.. we said be HONEST!!)

11 1/2- 12-  (You must be using a CYBER RULER!!!!)

LONGER?   (Come on now... You've got to be kidding!!!)


#2. OK.. Next is Thickness... measure around the ERECT PENIS at the thickest point, so this is a CIRCUMFERENCE measurement... not diameter.. ok?? (Use a string or piece of ribbon and then put it onto ruler.. don't stretch it now!!! ) hmmm.. again. where to start?? (again in 1/2 inches!! choose one)

4 -  4 1/2-  5-  5.1/2-  6 (now you're talking!) 6 /12- (ouch... hope you're a bottom)
 (You're supposed to be measuring your penis, not your beer can!)
 (Not sure we want to know this!!! OUCH!!!!!) SPECIFY


 #3. Next, let's do the obvious next question... CIRCUMSIZED OR NOT?


And if you are UNCUT.... what's your foreskin like?

My head peeks out-

Head covered, loose-

Head covered, tight-

Like a monk's hood -

How long past head? 


#4. CURVATURE??? as you are looking at it... not the other person.. Which is your's.........

Straight out?  Curve up?  Curve down?  Curve right?  Curve left?  I can fuck around corners

Combinations may be marked accordingly


#5. HEAD TYPE???  (choose one)

Nicely tapered  Mushroom capped (My favorite!!!) How much bigger than shaft?

Blunt  Pencil sharp  Gear Shifting Knob  Other (please specify)


#6. PIERCINGS? Let's only talk about Penis Piercings here... (check all that apply)

 Prince Albert (FYI- this is through the tip and pisshole and out the bottom) Gauge Size?

Shaft Piercing (Just in case, How many? )

Head Piercing  (Other than PA... How many? )

Others  Not sure what else there could be but you never know!


#7. HOW DOES IT STAND WHEN ERECT? (This is when you are standing upright, choose one) Not to be confused with CURVATURE!

Out away from body like fireplug (90 degree angle to body)

Lays up against my stomach tight

Points up like a missile 45 deg. angle (+ or -)

Gives in to force of Gravity... (could be called Droopy)



 Wide and flat-  Symmetrically round-  Narrow but thick-  Other-  (specify)



What's a penis without Balls and Hair??? (That's not a question to be answered.. just a lead in to next section!!!)

#9. BALLS, HAIR, AND SCROTUM (choose all that apply & remember to unmark MY answers!!)

 Low Hangers (Loose scrotum and free hanging balls)

Small and close

HUGE and tight (Might loosen up depending on temperature)

Only have one

Don't have any

Shaved usually

Bushy, never shave

Clipped but not shaved

Shave balls, trim pubes

Pierced Scrotum  (How many times )

Would you like to upload some pictures for me?
(A Full Body NAKED picture would be best! But it's your choice!)

If you DO send me any pictures, PLEASE tell me in the comment area below,
so I will know who they are from!


Additional Comments: Anything else you would like to say, here's your chance!!



(This is where Phone Numbers can go!!!)






Thank You so Much for Visiting my Home on the Web!



(and for telling me a few things about yourself!!!


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