My "Paranormal Experiences"...

You can read this as fact, or fiction, whichever you personally prefer, however, I KNOW IT
HAPPENED, and so does my ex-wife as both incidents involved both of us back in the

It was quite an ordeal. We figured out "after the fact" what was going on. We were living
above the bakery which we had opened in our hometown. And there was an event being
planned by all of the churches in our town all working together, to put on an all inclusive
revival week with an evangelist from Oklahoma. We volunteered our bakery/short order cafe
as a meeting place to have the committee planning meetings. As soon as we all started
meeting, these things started happening, not only to US, and our employees, but to other
members of the committee also.. One lady went to a town 15 miles away to get her husband's
shoes resoled, and while they were fixing them, she went to a grocery store nearby to get a
few items. She went back and picked up the shoes and began to drive back home, and
decided she would munch on some cookies she had gotten at the store, and reached over
into the paper bag on the seat next to her, and nearly wrecked the car when she reached into
the bag because everything in it was covered with this "Karo syrup-like" sticky material. She
had it on her hand, and grabbed the steering wheel, and it was slick, like lube, and she had
trouble controlling the car and getting it pulled over and stopped on the side of the road. Her
husband was a state policeman, so this was no flaky blonde idiot. And she had not
purchased ANYTHING remotely like this at the store. But it was all over her groceries. Other
members of the committee had weird things happening to them also. But ours were the most
intrusive because WE were having the meetings at our place.

One morning, as one of my employees was making the donuts, after she mixed up the
dough, and as she was filling the fryer with shortening as it was heating up, the dough was
resting in big chunks on the makeup table before being rolled out and cut. She heard the
door out in front open and slam (even though she had locked it behind her when she came
in) so she went out front to see why it was opening. So she thought maybe, for some reason
that I was coming down early or something, but the door was still locked. When she went
back into the back, she continued filling the fryer, and then went out to make coffee and fire
up the grill and get ready to open. When I came downstairs to help her and roll out the
donuts, I went in the back and there was this Karo syrup-like stuff smeared on the top of the
dough. I asked her why she had done that, and her eyes bugged out and she assured me
she hadn't done it. Then she told me about the door slamming earlier even though it was
locked. So I cut off the stuff and used the rest of it cause there wasn't time to make more and
it seemed to be just fine otherwise.

Well, later that same day, with a room full of people sitting and having coffee and donuts, all
of a sudden, GREEN WATER began running out from under one of the walls, and across the
floor into a puddle in a low place in the floor. My wife had come down to work by that time,
and the customers yelled at her and called her attention to it, and she grabbed a mop and
bucket and began mopping it up. I went down into the basement to see where it was coming
from, but there wasn't any waterpipes anywhere near that area. I checked the building next
door to ours and there was no water anywhere. She mopped nearly a half bucket of green
water and then it suddenly stopped. A couple of days later, I needed to go downstairs to the
basement to get a block of shortening from a big stockpile I had purchased to get a good
deal. I knew my way around so I didn't bother turning on the lights, but when I grabbed the
50# box of shortening and picked it up, the top of the box had sunk in and was filled with
GREEN WATER and I got covered with it splashing on me. I set it down and went to turn on
the lights, and all of the boxes were soaked with this green water puddled on the tops of
them. Once again, there was NO water source anywhere near them, in the ceiling or

So later that day, I was telling my best friend, who was our mailman, about all of these things
going on, and he was totally in disbelief. He said, SHOW ME... So we went out the back door
and down into the basement. Now, the back door on this building was a sliding glass door,
and when we had purchased the building, we had not gotten any keys for that door, so it had
to be locked from the inside and we'd put a rod in the track to secure it. And the lock was one
like most sliding glass doors, and you had to give it an extra hard push to actually snap it
locked. I showed him the water on the shortening and he looked where the water had went
running from the wall, and couldn't come up with any rationale how they could have
happened. The whole time we were down there, we could hear my employee upstairs above
us waiting on customers in the front part of the bakery, and heard alot of voices, so I knew
she was getting busy and said I should go back up to help her. When we went back upstairs
to go in, the sliding glass door was LOCKED, from the inside, but no one had been to the
back of the shop. I banged on the door, and the girl came running back to open the door,
and she had her eyes bugged out as she opened the door and said, "Carlin, HOW did you
lock this door? I thought you didn't have any keys for it?" and I said, I didn't! and she said,
"But it's impossible for it to lock by itself, cause you have to give it that extra NUDGE to get it
to lock! Carlin, WHAT'S GOING ON AROUND HERE??? I'm getting scared!! And my friend
was just befuddled.

Within a week, my wife and I gave birth to our oldest daughter, and she was in the hospital. I
came home alone, and was obviously exhausted. I had a routine, where I'd take off my
clothes in the bedroom, and go down the hallway to the bathroom, then would go to the frig
to get a drink of water, and back to the bedroom to go to bed. So, I know everything was
normal when I went to bed! The next morning, I would reverse my routine, getting up, going
to the frig to get a drink, and then to the bathroom to pee, and back to get dressed. When I
walked up to the refrigerator, I stepped in a puddle of this karo-syrup like stuff that had been
spread in front of the frig where there was no way I could avoid it, and it squished up
between my toes. NOT a pleasant feeling, when you've just gotten up out of bed! I limped
into the bathroom and had to wash off my feet and mop up the floor. When I went
downstairs, my employee said she had heard the door opening and slamming all morning,
even though it was locked, and she kept hearing voices too.

It all came to a head after we'd brought our baby home, and about the second or third night,
at about 2AM, my wife heard her wake up and start crying so she got out of bed to go bring
her back to our bed and nurse her back to sleep. I woke up enough to know she was getting
up, and promptly went back to sleep. After about an hour, I realized that she hadn't come
back to bed, and I woke up and got up to go see where she was. I went out into the hallway
and down it to the baby's room, and she was standing by the crib, hugging our baby so tight
it was almost having trouble breathing, and when she saw me rounding the corner, she
almost collapsed from fright, and came running over to me bursting into tears. She said, I'm
so glad to see you! For the last hour, I've been standing here going through HELL! I've been
hearing voices and marching out in this hallway going up and down it and when you came
around that corner, I thought sure they were coming to get me! That night, I went around the
apartment praying and blessing each room, invoking Christ to protect us, and we put my
grandmother's bible in the crib with our baby, and asked her to watch over her as her
guardian angel, and we never had any more problems!

A thousand people accepted Christ as their savior or rededicated their lives at the services
the following week!! And it was after the services were over when the committee came back
together to evaluate how everything had worked out, that we discovered that we weren't the
only ones having strange things happening to us.... But we did have MORE than anyone else
had experienced!

BEFORE we were married, we had an experience involving a UFO.....

As we were driving on a country road after a date, when I was showing her the farmhouse
where I had lived for 3 years before we had moved into town, I looked up as we were driving
down this rock road through the cornfields and saw two very big, bright lights about 200 feet
above the ground, coming towards us. There was a full moon that night. I stopped the car,
and opened my door and stepped out with one foot to see if I could hear anything. There
wasn't a sound other than my car. But the lights were getting closer and closer. I slammed
the door and peeled out, probably throwing rocks fifty feet behind the car! My fiance said,
WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? She hadn't seen it yet. I told her to roll down her
window and look up. So she did, and it was right above us, about a hundred feet above us,
going down the road following us. We went down a gulley where the trees had grown
together over the road, and I turned our lights off, thinking maybe it might lose us in the dark,
but with the moonlight, I could still see the rock road. As we came up out of the gulley, there
was a cemetery, and I pulled the car into it, thinking maybe it might lose us among the
tombstones. So we pulled in and I turned off the car. After a brief but scared to death
discussion, I rolled down my window and looked up to see what was going on, and it was
directly above us, and I could see the outline of it against the moonlit sky. It looked like a
batwing shaped ship with the two headlights on the front of it, and they were pointed due
north. We arrived home, an hour late that night after our curfew her parents had imposed,
and we couldn't account for where all of our time had gone, because after I looked up, our
memories were a blank until we saw it disappearing in a flash going so quick we could
hardly watch it.

We were missing about 2 hours or so, but we both just seemed to agree that we didn't really
want to know what had happened and we decided to try to just put it behind us, because
people would think we were crazy. WE thought we were crazy! We were at a "coffee break"
with a bunch of CB'ers a couple of weeks later, and we heard two of them talking about
seeing some strange lights in the sky one night 2 weeks before as they were driving home
from a neighboring town. They described how it had gone this way and that way and was
zigzagging around, and then hovered in one spot and then disappeared after about 15
minutes... That had been as it was chasing us, because from where they had been, it would
have put the lights right over where we had been. I've always said that if I had been alone,
and didn't have HER to worry about, I would have just stopped and said, Come down here! I
want to meet you!! But I was worried about and felt responsible for her.

I'm still afraid to find out what happened that night, so have never wanted to be hypnotized
to go back and see if I remember anything more. But when I saw movies like "Close
Encounters" with Richard Dreyfuss and the one with Christopher Walken where he's taken
and probed, it sends shivers up my spine!