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 I found this poem which sums up my feelings
better than I ever possibly could.....

 To Keep on the Journey



Sometimes I feel like
Don Quixote on his
never ending search for
his Impossible Dream.....

That emotion desired most, is acquired least.
Those who surround me,
know not what my soul yearns for.
I look for true love in every place.
The hearts of others are mysterious caverns
where one could find true love.
Out of all of the caves, that I have explored,
not one has contained my fondest desire
my most enticing fantasy, true love.
I cry for true love and no one hears me.


I feel as though I am half a person,
like a coin with one side.
My journey here is to find the other
the one who completes me,
the other side of my coin.
But how to look? What method is best?
I know not.
Many souls have I searched,
many psyches have I explored,
many thousands of miles have I traveled.
Although, I need only to find one,
my efforts have retrieved none.

Now, I am hurt again.

These fools know not
the innermost secrets of the heart.
They laugh and play
unaware of the prospect,
the reward, of true love.
Instead, they ignore their deep desires,
for more mundane and trivial objects.
The deepest pleasures of the heart,
are sacrificed for cheapend experiences.
All because they are too afraid,
too terrified, of rejection and commitment.

I, too, know the sting of rejection,
the dull ache of lost loves.
I'd much rather sever a limb,
or cast off an eye than lose my love.
For many, this pain is to great to face,
they trade mediocrity for intensity,
mundane for stimulating.
I cannot make that trade so easily.
The chance of infinite pleasure
is too enticing.

For my true love, I will risk everything,
all that I possess, all that I can achieve.
The risk is great, I will not deny,
but the rewards are far greater,
than anything humankind has ever viewed,
since the dawn of time.
Empires have risen and fallen,
fortunes won and lost,
lives broken and rejuvenated,
all for the search of the truest of loves.

My path is not an easy one,
and too often adversity is in my way.
Pain is a frequent companion,
and hope is hard to come by.

But if I did not risk all that I am
and ever will be,
for the most noble of causes,
for the most immense of treasures,
what would I be?

 So I resume my journey,
trudging along myself.
One more mountain to cross,
one more river to bridge,
one more dale to traverse.

Perhaps my true love awaits,
just around the next bend.

The only way to find out,
is to keep on the journey.

( I did not write the above poem... I found it on the web )

 What I'm LOOKING FOR.....

MY IDEAL MAN will most likely be somewhere between 18 and 40, with a nice, slender body, smooth to moderately hairy. He'll be somewhat versatile, and adequately endowed so as to be a good lover... He'll be insatiable sexually, with a high sex drive, to keep up with my high Scorpio libido. He'll be intelligent, smart, employable, and able to carry on a good conversation about worldly things, like politics, finances, and current affairs. He'll enjoy entertaining others, traveling the world, going out for dinner, movies, dancing, theater, and having fun, or staying home with candlelight, a bowl of whipped cream, chocolate, or honey, some leather and handcuffs and still having fun, or in general, enjoying life to it's fullest!! Open relationship or closed is negotiable as we decide! He'll believe that true love is devoting each other to satisfying the needs and desires of our partner, holding on to each other so tightly that nothing and no one could ever come between us, but still giving each other the room and encouragement for personal and individual development to make each one of us the BEST person that we can be. That life without each other would be unbearable and unthinkable, because we are so much in love!!! THAT would be my IDEAL MAN.


IF you think it might be YOU...


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