Quentin Crisp

1908 - 1999

Mr. Quentin Crisp, "Homosexual Extraordinaire" passed away on
Sunday, November 21 in his native England following
a journey across the ocean from his beloved New York City,
the home he adopted in 1972.
He had traveled to England for one last tour of his native land,
even though there had been concern voiced about his ability
to weather such a trip at his age of 90.
However, he simply was not able to say "NO", so he made the trip.


--Quentin Crisp Interview from his visit to St. Louis, Part1


--Quentin Crisp Interview from his visit to St. Louis, Part2


--Quentin Crisp Tribute from EXP shown at left.


--Quentin Crisp Photos


Quentin Crisp appeared in St. Louis, Missouri on his last tour
of the United States in March, 1999. The pictures that appear
here and the articles that are featured were taken and conducted
at that time.

Photos by Scott Lokitz of St. Louis
and Carlin Langley, of EXP Magazine, who conducted the interview with
Mr. Crisp.